Monalco Research is a full-service research firm focused on you and your research needs. We are not your usual research firm however. In our work, we use behavioral science, behavioral economics, and predictive analytics for rich insights. And you receive a simulator tool based on the behavioral science and analytics, which you can use long after the research is finished.

Predictive models are built from the combination of behavioral science and statistical analyses that are aimed squarely at your business concern. The result? Deliverables that are distinguished from most others by the careful application of research principles, methodologies as guided by the principles and models of behavioral science, and advanced statistical analyses that bring life to the models. You get more with Monalco Research.

Market Research

Quantitative Research

For research that continues to give you insight, and for more information about a simulator for you.

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Qualitative Research

For an enhanced qualitative perspective derived from the methods of anthropology and ethnography.

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Talent Assessments

To assure top candidates for your organization and to improve employee production and retention.

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