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Monalco Research is fully adept at a wide-range of statistical methods ranging from ANOVA to Z-tests. As part of our research offerings, we employ predictive modeling whenever appropriate and provide you with a simulator tool for your ongoing use. Simulators give you the power to test various scenarios related to your research question after the research is done. Below, we discuss the types of simulator tools we have provided for each industry. And we are ready to develop yours too as a no-cost deliverable when you conduct your research with us.



MaxDiff for when you want to know to know about how people make choices based on comparisons among pairs reflecting the maximum difference in preference or importance. Conjoint Analysis for when you want to know how people value the various attributes that combine to make a product Van Westendorp for when you want to determine the optimum price point for a new or competitive product. When appropriate, you get an easy-to-use Excel model that allows you to vary the attributes of a product that determine preferences for purchasing.


research simulators 350Odds ratios for when you want to know how much more one thing contributes to your understanding than another. Logistic regression for when you want to describe or predict a dichotomous outcome (presence/absence) based on multiple predictors. Survival analysis for when you want to know “time to an event” such as onset of a disease. When appropriate, you get an an easy-to-use Excel model that allows you to enter in key factors affecting the likelihood of long-term survival to predict how changes in one key factor or another will influence the likelihood of survival.


Predictive modeling for when you want to understand the contribution of HR activities to Business Outcomes (the bottom line). Models capturing the personnel life cycle for succession planning and when you want to know who to promote, retain or lose. Talent Assessments for when you want to improve your opportunities for identifying, hiring and promoting the best candidates. We have developed HR simulators that allow HR departments to show the contribution of HR activities to Business Bottom Lines. For more background on this burgeoning area of research, please visit our sister site http://monalcoHR.


Insights into how to attract, develop and build loyalty among financial service agents and advisors in an industry fraught with difficulties in identification and retention of top candidates. Predictive models for empirically determined insights into attracting and retaining top candidates. When supported by online talent assessment tools, you get the whole picture. Interested in a financial services tool for attracting and hiring? We have developed simulators allowing Financial Service field leaders and Managers of Pharmacists to tailor messages to the best candidates and to predict length of tenure once hired.


Cost & competitive analysis including SWOT and TURF for when you want to position yourself in a best position relative to your competitors. Segmentation analysis for when you want to understand your audience or consumers better. Drill down to know what different groups want. Packaging & brand for when your identity and image needs to be delineated, refined and new or existing goods need to be made more consistent with your brand. Statistical models can help to describe and predict those variables that drive a behavior or event. We have developed predictive models for a wide range of industries including human resources, healthcare, financial services, business outcomes and others. We have developed CPG simulators based on customer research segments that allow marketing and sales departments to create content specific to each market and product messages that resonate with specific customers. As appropriate, we will develop one for you as a free deliverable of our work with you.