Qualitative Research

We are experienced qualitative researchers having talked with thousands of respondents over the past 20 years including board members, CEOs, physicians, financial advisors, association members and consumers. Our methods range from brief telephone interviews to in-depth interviews and focus groups. Respondents have been local through international.

While we always begin our qualitative research with a clear plan and a solid set of questions consistent with your research goals, we are flexible always—modifying the direction and types of questions asked as we listen to and learn from our respondents. Hybrid methods involving a powerful mix of open-ended and close-ended questions assure usable data always.

As with many researchers, we often conduct qualitative research in preparation for best quantitative work. But we often conduct post-quantitative interviews or focus groups in order to clarify or to test findings from quantitative work. Ethnographic work and unobtrusive data collection round out our qualitative arsenal.  

Qualitative Work?   Sure, but never here. Still, we have our fingers crossed...